Cookbooks, menus and recipes

Your diet sheet will probably include tips on bending the rules safely when you are eating out, but your Renal Unit may have other leaflets available which cover aspects such as adapting your diet at Christmas. Do ask the renal dietitian.

A collection of recipes is available from TV chef Lawrence Keogh, who suffered chronic kidney disease at the age of 35 and received a transplant.

There are a number of cookbooks that have been written specifically for the renal patient. Here are some that we know about:

  • "Enjoying Food on a Renal Diet" edited by Marianne Vennegoor
    ISBN 0 951 9894 05, Ultrapharm Ltd, 23 New Street, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2BP
  • "Food for Life" by Lawrence Keogh
    NBS Distribution, One House, Keats Close, South Wonston, Winchester,Hants, SO21 3HF. Price: £8.50 plus postage;
  • "Eating Well with Kidney Failure" by Helena Jackson, Annie Cassidy and Gavin James

The various renal cookbooks are well worth buying as they stretch the possibilities of the diet.

Below are links to some sample information sheets for Haemodialysis patients, based on booklets prepared by Betty Bennion, Renal Dietitian.

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